About This Site

Risk & Insurance award programs recognize and promote best practices in areas related to risk management, brokerage and workers compensation. This website provides detailed information about each award program and enables interested participants to apply online.

Share Applications

This website enables you to share applications with peers at your company who often assist with organizing award submissions. Often times, these individuals are part of the company's Marketing, Communications and/or Public Relations groups. Upon request, we create a Corporate Dashboard for your company and establish a Designated Awards Admin. Once established, you can route your completed applications through this website to your company's Designated Awards Admin to review, edit and/or submit on your behalf. Please send an email to Kris Kaloupis at kkaloupis@lrp.com to create a Corporate Dashboard.

Saving, Routing and Submitting

These buttons are available at the bottom of all online applications.

Saves the application to your Awards Dashboard. The application can be accessed through your Awards Dashboard and completed at a later date.

Sends the application to your company's Designated Award Admin. The Admin can review, edit, re-route to you or submit to Risk & Insurance. An email is sent to you and the Admin anytime an application is routed between you. You can check the status of a routed application on your Awards Dashboard in the Routed section.

Submits the application to Risk & Insurance. Once submitted, applications can no longer be edited or routed. Submitted applications are archived on your Awards Dashboard as well as on your company's Corporate Dashboard.

Site Features

  • Online Award Application Forms: Submit applications or nominate clients/colleagues.
  • Save, Route and Submit: Save applications you are working on, route completed applications to your Designated Awards Admin to review or submit applications to Risk & Insurance.
  • Image and Document Storage: Upload headshots and supporting documents and attach to applications.
  • Application Archive: All of your applications are available for future reference via your Awards Dashboard. You can even copy an old application in order to update it and re-apply.
  • Awards Dashboard: Access all the applications you saved, routed or submitted. See who is your company's Designated Awards Admin and manage your log-in information.
  • Corporate Dashboard: Provides access to all the routed and submitted applications associated with a company.